Webinar "How to use iMindQ for creating a Business Plan"

Event agenda

Join us in our discussion where we will brainstorm, plan and put our ideas in context while considering the key aspects of creating a successful Business Plan.

In the end, learn how conveniently you can use the Mind Map just created to present your Business Plan before investors, VC’s, executive boards or upper management using iMindQ, the best Mind Mapping software.


  1. 05:00 to 05:05: iMindQ, brainstorming, planning and visually organizing ideas using Mind Mapping techniques 
  2. 05:05 to 05:15: Creating a successful strategic Business Plan 
  3. 05:15 to 05:20: Presenting ideas with Mind Maps 
  4. 05:20 to 05:30: Q&A

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